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The Land down Under: Australia

6 May
Hello friends and followers! Okay, I  finally found my notes on my research of Australia.   Here is a little history on our ‘land down under’ to help us get a better idea of the flavor profile. The original culture is Aborigines, they migrated from Indonesia and inhabited Australia more than 40,000 years before the white settlers. Upon the settlers arrival, Australia became the new home for both Brits and Irish. Aborigines planted no crops as they didn’t have the knowledge and they just lived off what they could find, but farming began with the Brits.

Later on, Lutherans from Germany settled here in search of religious freedom. They did farming as well and made wine. In 1851 gold was discovered and many more cultures migrated here, especially the Chinese. The main items of consumption are beef/veal, lamb, seafood,potatoes, fruit, sugar, beer and wine. Aborigines method of cooking was by creating an oven that was dug in the earth, lined in stone and then in turn used  for grilling and steaming.

I have to be honest with you guys, after culinary school and the exposure to all the international flavor profiles, I was not very impressed with Australia’s staple items. It just seemed like nothing stood out. I wanted to delve in a bit more and consulted with my former professor, Chef Patrick. He enlightened me on the fact that at some point Australia was a prison colony started by the brits. The unique parts of food have more to do with the “bush” or native products.  Yabbies, finger lime, kangaroo, mush peas, meat pies, vegamite. At this point Chef Cody and I felt geared for our Australian culinary adventure. After much inspiration Cody and I prepared the following menu:

Appetizer: Grilled Australian lamb w/ sage, garlic,salt and pepper. The sage was a nice addition to this dish, giving it a unique flavor and a delicious deviation from the traditional mint sauces that we are used to.


Main course: Boiled Beef (KAVALIERSPITZ/TAFELSPITZ) with apple horseradish sauce (borrowed from Executive Chef Christopher Israel Grüner – Portland, Oregon USA.)  I would’ve never thought to put apples and horseradish together, but I have to say, this gave it a WOW factor.


Dessert: Pavlova. Such a fancy name and yet so simple to make and a light finish to the palate. Pavlova is like a meringue topped with seasonal berries.


We learned for this spin that Australian cuisine focuses on the protein and the flavors are brought out via local herbs. Thank you for taking the time to join us on this journey and see you next month as we spin the globe to see where it will take us.

Bon Voyage