Colombian food, how I love thee…

26 Aug

The only thing I wish I could adjust to our colombian plate would be our starchy selection of root ‘vegetables’ but then again can you imagine a bandeja paisa

Bandeja Paisa

with sauteed spinach? What would a sancocho be without the yuca, papa and platano??

So, no need trying to re-invent the wheel. At the end of the day I love the simpleness of our ingredients. The foundation of all our recipes is scallions, tomato and cilantro….boy do we use cilantro. Cilantro is our Basil!

It is fascinating to undestand the background to our cuisine. Colombia being a laborous culture and dishes being created from sustainable vegetables we depended a lot on  yuca, potato, plantain, arracacha and corn. Corn is the basis for arepas, tamales, empanadas etc.

But I welcome this challenge, because then creativity kicks in and I pull together a cream of broccoli soup with notes of Hogao. Cuisine brings worlds together.


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