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24 Aug

Welcome to our blog and thank you for following us. What has been on my mind today has been the delcious plantain sandwich I create. It’s so delightful I must share. In an ever continuous effort to stay away from white breads and the cliche it brings for being the go-to item to start a sandwich, I turned to the banana’s cousin – the green plantain.

My foundation is round size, thick and sturdy tostones as my sandwich top and bottom. My meat of preference is sliced churrasco. I like to have tradition meet variation, so instead of chimichurri I top my sandwich off with ‘Hogao’. Hogao is basically sauteed scallions and plum tomatoes but something about how chopping them together engages their flavors then when you saute them in a bit of oil the flavors are married. No sandwich could be complete without cheese. I have used provolone quite often, but there are so many variations.

Remember the plantain is your foundation and the combinations are infinite.  Cooking is  my passion, so tune in as I take you thru a voyage of flavor profiling with my Colombian induced cuisine.


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